A stubborn person only makes history

“A stubborn person only makes history, an ordinary person only reads history.”

There are two types of people. Some spend their lives memorizing history, while others spend their lives creating history. Who are the people who have created history, and what is the powerful ingredient in this powerful lingual group that saves them from failure? Pay attention, Only stubborn people create history. How can we follow and talk about those who are established? The way to do this is to nurture our stubbornness and make it bigger. The people who have made history, those who have returned from the Convert England tour, never got angry. They transformed all that anger into determination. Bill Ford and Ratan Tata also did the same. Why should we not do the same?

They knew that once Ratan Tata and Bill Ford went to the headquarters of Ford in Detroit. Ratan Tata said to him that my Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Division is not working, and I’ll buy the roofs. On that day, Bill Ford had arranged for his eldest daughter. He told the photographers that they were doing a favor to him. What will 83 Tata Motors passenger vehicles do? If they cannot make cars, why did they come into the business as soon as Bill Ford said this? Ratan Tata was touched by this talk and started thinking about it that night. What should we do? What should we do? It would be wrong. With the whole team, we came back from Detroit to Bombay at night and spent time starting the passenger vehicle. Aditi Rao Kruger was given the Tata Convert Young Resolution.

A few days later, Tata Motors was doing and started growing very well. Bill Ford’s company is a novice. Once the Tata Group sent them a proposal. We buy you. Just as they went from Bombay to Detroit before. This time, the entire team came from Detroit to Mumbai and, without calling, presented their Jaguar, Land Rover in front of Ratan Tata and said you are doing us a favor by buying this car for us. Everything was the same. Last time, they said that you were doing us a favor and this time, they came themselves and said that Ratan Tata said to Bill, lovingly buying his car for 9600 crores, what did he say that you bought this car for us as a favor.

"A stubborn person only makes history, an ordinary person only reads history."
“A stubborn person only makes history, an ordinary person only reads history.”

What is my question to you? I have challenged myself by asking you a question. What challenges should I give myself? After a period of introspection, who am I searching for? When I see a picture, I become confused. What should I do? Am I confused? Until this confusion is resolved, the matter will remain unresolved. After graduation, in the US, whose name was found in the sleeping document suddenly shown by their professor one day? Then they realized that Satya Nadella has not been sleeping for many days to speed up. They used to bring their binder and stay in the lab late at night, turning on the keyboard again. Today, the sleeping bag has fallen. What do these people who make history do, pay attention, they are different kinds of people, not in percentage, but in numbers. They are in numbers, not in percentages.

The rest of the people are busy memorizing history. They are busy making history. People say about Bill Gates that he dropped out, and dropped out of studying. Do you know that until then Bill Gates used to study for 70 hours continuously? this question tells a person that someone who reads as much as Bill Gates is still reading after 500 pages. When Bill Gates used to study for three consecutive days, he even took off his shoes before sleeping.A stubborn person only makes history, an ordinary person only reads history.

When there is clarity and energy within a person, he becomes a super-specialist. When Major Dhyan Chand used to play hockey, people used to repeatedly check the ball because they couldn’t believe how such a great player could be a magician in the sport. There is no magnet or magic involved, it’s just the clarity and energy within the person.

Similarly, Bruce Lee used to work in Hollywood films. when he punched someone five times in just five seconds, they had to slow down the shooting later. People couldn’t believe how he could do it for so long, and since then, fake shooting has been done.

Afterward, the director had to slow down their action because when a person goes on a date with perfection, he brings his “My mind is furious”. Today’s topic is the same, what do you want to do, keep history, create innovation, or stay concentrated like people in Peepali Live, Picasso, and Holi in Jewelry class? They don’t let their concentration break. They are in a trance. When sitting in the option for painting, many would not speak for 72 hours. They try to talk to their people, but they do not respond. Never one to do brackets or concentration.

Noise, the option of two days shooting time, clarity of another energy and energy, these two things should be in your life like a child and as much as possible. If there is no beautiful pitch to correct that clarity within the energy, then I don’t know. They used to read beautiful pitches in the corners of their right and left sides while playing rickshaws. They used to buy vegetables, play and study. They used to come from school and play while coming and going. They used to focus so much inside the class that they could see what no one else could.

The Google team said that Microsoft will remove Google any day and bring its default setting. No one agreed. Nobody knew what they were saying. They had so much clarity. The same thing happened in a few months. Microsoft brought the Google data bill to default and there was a stir throughout Google. The same day. Sundar Pichai’s height had become very big within the company. A stubborn person only makes history, an ordinary person only reads history.

It is very simple to know. You need clarity and energy. When films are made, value conversion, Look at Jhansi Wali Rani. What is women’s empowerment when a woman’s power is not given support under 50? To protect Gwalior, the British had a little child Madhavrao on their back.

Bhagat Singh could have been released, but the monkeys without any explosion were destroyed, and only after that, he could have come out. If he could erase the stain, he would go and give everyone a lesson, which we learned today. We learned it and caught it. Do you know why? Because they wanted revolution, they were dedicating their lives to it. Bhagat Singh left at a young age to serve the rest of the country. He said the wounds in my chest are just bundles of flowers. Yes, we are crazy, let us stay mad, only the crazy are good.

They are the only ones who remember history like crazy Pannalal. I ask you, are you busy memorizing history or creating it? Write down which historical composition you want below. Today, we need clarity and energy. I want you to have that clarity and energy so that you can also create history along with the arrows below. Do you need clarity and energy? I will continue to help you.

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