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Happy and Positive Mood

Natural ways to stay happy. “Every field of the world is striving to lead a happy and good life to the possible extent.” This is a phrase that was introduced by a philosopher and thinker, Albert Einstein, at the end of the 20th century. It is merely a philosophical concept that has been derived from the evaluation of individuals’ satisfaction levels in their lives. We need to analyze the impact of happiness on our human existence and our relationships with others.

Happiness is a mental quality and a conscious feeling that arises when a person achieves satisfaction from their individual, social, and community life. This feeling is also known as joy and pleasure. Tranquility and contentment are the other names for happiness. Moreover, the negative feeling of distress, sorrow, and unhappiness is its opposite definition.

We must accept the truth that God has created a system in which we cannot always be happy, nor is it necessary for us to always be burdened with sadness and distress. The reality of pain, suffering, and grief is just as essential as happiness. An ordinary person who is sometimes happy may also become sad, and he may laugh at one moment and cry at another. He may spend the night tossing and turning over a problem, and then sleep peacefully and carefree. It is also clear that if we cannot always be happy, then why should we remain constantly miserable and distressed? If the causes of your sadness exist, then surely you can also find the reasons to be happy. If a person can be troubled by thinking about the bitter experiences of life, then they can also enjoy the little moments of happiness that come their way. If after facing failures, they become sad when reminded of them, then after achieving success, they can also be happy when they talk about it.

To be naturally happy, you have to make a lot of changes in your life. Although it may seem foolish to make an effort to be happy, it is childish and foolish only until you make an effort. If a crying child is made to laugh, a lost person is shown the way, someone’s pain is heard, something is said, or someone is convinced, it is definitely possible as a result of an effort.

In childhood,

we are weak and not capable of changing our circumstances. A child’s happiness is closely linked to their parents. Proper guidance in upbringing has a positive impact on the child’s personality. Parenting is a separate topic. Children often desire to do many things, but lack of choice or fear and anxiety in nature keep them from being happy. However, as adults, they gain more control and can do what they want. When they become adults, they become more confident because it was easy to talk to someone and trust them when they were younger, but it becomes difficult to trust others as they grow up. You have the ability to change your life naturally and establish better relationships by sensing other people’s moods. It’s also natural that you spend less time on yourself and prefer to spend more time with friends and others. Let’s see how one can naturally live happily.

Happy and Positive Mood
Happy and Positive Mood

Human life has two types:

Individual life and social life are following as:

In individual life, the first thing you need to do is to see “who am I and what am I?” Why was I born? What is the purpose of my coming into this world? What do I like and dislike?” The most difficult task is to find oneself, and there are many people around you who may discourage you, but you must understand that it is your responsibility to be happy. You have to learn how to change yourself to be happy. I believe that I should be what I am naturally. If you want to become a happy and cheerful person, you have to search for the personality that may have been lost within you. You need to find out who you are. If I feel in my heart that I can enjoy my life even if I am alone, then what should I do now?

God has placed the tranquility of human hearts in His remembrance and worship. Along with the habit of mindfulness, it is also very important to maintain good deeds. These are the motivating moments of your life that breathe life into it. The contentment of the human heart is the real source of happiness.

Happy and Positive Mood
Happy and Positive Mood

If eating my favorite food gives me a feeling of happiness, then I need to take care of it regularly and enjoy the positive aspects. Now it remains to be seen why I like this food. Is it because I like the taste or are there nutritional ingredients in it that are good for my health? So, while enjoying happiness in my personality, I am also promoting good health. And if I only like the taste and the incomplete nutritional ingredients in it do not benefit me, then I am just lucky with the taste that is providing me with temporary pleasure. But on the other hand, I am putting my good health in my hands. If, as a taste, I want to try it, even a small amount can be enjoyed. But it is better to leave such food, which helps to provide real happiness. Apparently, being realistic also makes you a source of real happiness.

One important point to consider here is that if you want to be truly happy, you need to understand the essence and truth of anything before making a decision. For example, if you are addicted to sleeping and this habit makes you happy, then you need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of excessive sleeping. If there are more benefits to excessive sleeping, then you should continue with the habit, but if there are more drawbacks, then you should definitely avoid it. In other words, you need to understand the truth about sleeping and make your own decision. Today’s research also shows that there are more drawbacks to excessive sleeping, such as mental stress, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. However, even though excessive sleeping is not a good habit, if you continue with it, you will distance yourself from true happiness. And God forbid, if you fall prey to any of these diseases, their consequences will certainly be the killers of your happiness. Some diseases can be cured after treatment, but some diseases always stay with you, such as heart disease or diabetes, etc. Every disease has its own consequences.

Happy and positive mood
Happy and positive mood

Afterward, their habits also affect your personality. Due to their irritability, arguing over trivial matters, and insensitivity, your individual and social life is severely affected, leading to a wider range of negative consequences. This habit also distances you from your close relationships. The way of life becomes chaotic and the personality of an individual is impacted by others, whether in a family, business, educational, or sports field. Where this journey that begins with the habit of oversleeping ends, is not known. During this time, a lot of damage has already been done, which you may not be able to estimate. Individuals come together to form a society. As an individual is, so is society. Those who make up the majority of a society represent that society. Good people make a good society. The negative effects of bad people ruin a good society.

If you keep your daily affairs in mind, then if any task that is about to be done is not according to this formula, then understand that the direction of your life journey is not correct. The formula determines the correctness or incorrectness of every action, which defines your personality. The arrangement of all the routines from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night is in your own hands. During this time, all the actions that you have to take, day by day, can be enjoyed and real happiness can be obtained from every action. The condition is that this action should be carried out with sincerity, that is, its right is fulfilled. No carelessness should be taken in carrying out this action.

When drinking water, there is a feeling that cool water is going down the throat, quenching thirst, and providing a sense of calm and freshness. You are passing through a state of enjoyment. On the other hand, in the unpredictable world, drinking water can also be dangerous and you may be deprived of the feeling that provides you with peace. In this way, from taking a shower in the morning with your favorite shampoo to sleeping on your favorite pillow and bed at night, you can enjoy your entire day and achieve happiness. Meeting siblings and parents enhance these joys. If you pay attention, you will notice many small joys in various places. When we overlook any moment that brings happiness, we hurt its beauty. If we do not fully enjoy the simple things in our lives, we cannot reap their benefits.

If you are a student, then your classroom can become a paradise for you. Choosing your favorite subjects makes your educational journey easier. The same classroom that is no less than a prison for other unfit students becomes a source of happiness for you. Each lecture by the teacher mesmerizes and enchants you like an interesting story told by your grandmother. Playing with good and sincere friends also gives you a feeling of happiness. Helping them, respecting the teachers, showing compassion to the younger ones, giving respect and honor to the elders, and being with your parents all provide you with real happiness. Your positive attitude leads to positive results. Let me make one thing clear doing good and being kind gives you peace of mind and real happiness while doing wrong and sinful things make you restless and anxious and the burden of evil repeatedly committed makes your heart dead. Consequently, a person becomes a victim of depression and real happiness becomes angry with you.

Happy and positive mood
Happy and positive mood

Anticipating whether upcoming situations will be good or bad, taking out positive aspects, and thinking about them from new perspectives can also bring joy. For example, when you start your day, write down everything good that happened to you from morning until night. Similarly, if something bad happened to you that caused you distress, include it in your list and continue this practice regularly for at least a week. After a week, you will see that the number of good things that happened to you is more than the bad things.

Investigate what caused the good things to happen to you. What actions did you take that resulted in positive outcomes? Search for reasons and try to improve upon them to enjoy more happiness. On the contrary, if something bad happens in your dealings, think about what could have caused it and eliminate those shortcomings so that such things do not happen again next week. Remember the bitterness of the week only to avoid it in the future.

Make “check and balance” principles the motto of your life. These principles will make you conscious, sensible, and broad-minded very quickly. If the results of your list are more negative, then it is essential to rethink your dealings.

The uniformity in human nature can also be a problem, as it can make you feel helpless and bored. This uniformity can cause you to feel anxious, depressed, and hopeless. To overcome this, you need to make changes in your daily life. Think about your routine from a new perspective and try to improve it. Choose new paths to go to school or college. Make changes in what you eat and drink. Meeting new friends, and trying new activities can also help you avoid uniformity and boredom. After a week of educational activities, spending the holiday at a recreational place, or meeting a loved one can give you peace and satisfaction. This happiness can help you prepare for the upcoming busy week.

Living for others is truly the greatest virtue. It is up to you to determine in what ways you can benefit others. Creating ease for others is also a beautiful way to do good. If you cannot provide financial assistance to someone, you can at least create an environment of the best guidance for them. It is generally a misconception that giving one’s belongings to others leads to loss, while the recipient benefits. In reality, it is the opposite. Whenever you buy new clothes for yourself, give an old pair to a poor person as a gift. If your perfume bottle is empty, and it can soothe a crying child by giving them a moment of happiness, the fragrance that the empty bottle gives you will fill your heart with joy. The teachings of our religion also instruct us that the giver always benefits. This benefit is present both in this world and in the hereafter. This is confirmed by today’s social and psychological scientists, who also say that the giver benefits from giving, and if we think about it, it is clear that helping needy and deserving people who are oppressed and rejected by society is a real source of joy. Those who accept this reality always remain happy. If you can feel someone else’s pain and suffering as your own, then you can help them in a good way…

Learn to face difficulties and problems. Weak people become worried and discouraged when faced with difficulties. If there is a loss in business or a problem arises, search for the causes and then try to eliminate them. Learn to forgive others. Whenever someone suffers a loss, forgive them because this loss could have happened to you too. Intelligent people never give up on patience. They learn some aspects of learning from the loss and avoid discouragement. They consider failure as a means of success because sometimes the destination is just around you but you cannot see it. Allah tests your patience. Consistency, effort, and struggle are proof of progress. Such people remain enthusiastic and always happy, whether they achieve happiness after hardships and difficulties.

In the end,

The report suggests that being cautious of vulgar movies and literature, avoiding political affairs, distancing oneself from social media, and refraining from frivolous and non-productive activities can bring peace to your heart. Additionally, stay away from religious hatred and sectarianism. Make it a habit to read reformist literature. Establish connections with people who possess a constructive mindset. By attending their gatherings, your destructive thoughts may transform into constructive ones. Help others with your progressive thoughts for the betterment and prosperity of society.

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